Exclusive Preview-Tasting

Leonel Asia Edition 2024

Year of the Dragon celebrates its premiere in Berlin:

In a relaxed atmosphere and a christmassy ambiance, 25 invited guests from politics, business, and industry gathered at the Leonel Cigar Lounge at ZR Zigarren Reich in Berlin.

A cigar dedicated to the mightiest Chinese zodiac sign must indeed be something extraordinary to meet expectations. “The dragon is the symbol of emperors, and consequently, the bar is naturally set high,” emphasized Daniel Höldke, CEO of Paul Bugge Cigars, during the presentation of this new limited edition. Alongside Torsten Reich, owner of the renowned cigar specialty store ZR Zigarren Reich, he welcomed the cheerful audience.

The premiere of a very special cigar: the Leonel Asia Edition 2024 Year of the Dragon. A warmly welcomed guest of honor at this exclusive preview tasting was H.E. Tatiana Garcia Silva, Ambassador of the Republic of Nicaragua.

With the Leonel Asia 2024 Year of the Dragon, Leonel Cigars, the premium brand of Paul Bugge, makes its first reference to the Chinese New Year. The result of a lengthy development process is a cigar that perfectly interprets the Year of the Dragon. The mild to medium-bodied puro convinces with its delicate earthy flavors without sharpness or dominant spices.

Instead, the flavor spectrum is enriched by woody barrel notes, which also lend a certain flair to barrel-aged wines. A delight for aficionados who appreciate cigars where character, not strength, takes precedence. Torsten Reich also served suitable rum specialties and a self-created cocktail as perfect pairings, while Berlin specialties provided the culinary foundation.

From the finely balanced aromas to the elegant cigar band, the Leonel Asia 2024 Year of the Dragon is characterized by high quality and great attention to detail, which cigar enthusiasts acknowledged appreciatively during the tasting. All these factors are naturally close to Leonel Cigars as makers of exquisite premium cigars.

Nicaraguan Ambassador as Guest of Honor

Ambassador H.E. Tatiana Garcia Silva, representative of the country from where these excellent tobaccos originate and where the cigars are crafted in over 700 individual steps, highlighted the significant importance of cigar production for the people in Nicaragua with her presence.

Through Leonel Cigars, these individuals receive social benefits concerning health, education, and retirement, regardless of whether they work in the tobacco fields or the production facilities. Joining the event was Consul Karla Lagos from the Honduran Embassy, another representative of a Central American country, who – united in their passion for fine cigars – enjoyed the evening in a relaxed atmosphere.