Leonel® Terre Rouge

Leonel Terre Rouge

The Leonel Terre Rouge Series is the strongest blend yet developed by Leonel and consists of 100% Nicaraguan Tobaccos. Ligero leaves from the top section of the tobacco plant where they get much sun, were chosen for the filler to get the full-bodied flavour.

Applying a dark brown Cuban-seed wrapper cultivated in Nicaragua was the final step in the production of Leonel Terre Rouge cigars. Aficionados adore the strong aroma and unique taste of these premium handmade cigars.

The name “Terre Rouge”, in English “red earth”, calls to mind the red Nicaraguan soil.

  • Wrapper
  • NIC

  • Binder
  • NIC

  • Filler
  • NIC

  • Origin
  • NIC

  • Strength
  • Strong

  • Aromas
  • Earth, Toast, Spices

Leonel® Terre Rouge


1er 127mm 21mm 52
20er 127mm 21mm 52

Leonel® Terre Rouge

Toro Gordo

1er 152mm 23mm 56
20er 152mm 23mm 56