Casa Culinaria Esteli

Casa Culinaria Esteli

Hecho totalmente a mano – a predicate indicating the high quality of Premium Cigars. Casa Culinaria earned this predicate by selling its produce at an incredibly fair price for cigars that are entirely hand made in Nicaragua. The price however, is influenced by the fact that the cigars are sold in handy bundles, wrapped in cellophane. Casa Culinaria abandoned extravagant packaging and earned their Best Value status by focussing on top quality tobaccos.

All three series of the Casa Culinaria brand are hand made in Nicaragua. They range from medium- to full-bodied cigars so that Casa Culinaria has a cigar for every taste. Nearly all the tobaccos they use are cultivated in Nicaragua. The difference in strength and taste is influenced by the cultivation areas where the tobaccos are grown, for instance Esteli oder Jalapa, different tobacco varieties and fermenting processes chosen for different blends, illustrating the rich aroma diversity of Nicaraguan tobaccos.

  • wrapper
  • USA

  • binder
  • NIC

  • filler
  • NIC

  • origin
  • NIC

  • strength
  • medium

  • aromas
  • earth, toast

Casa Culinaria Esteli


1er 114mm 21mm 50
10er 114mm 21mm 50

Casa Culinaria Esteli


1er 136mm 16mm 40
10er 136mm 16mm 40

Casa Culinaria Esteli


1er 165mm 18mm 47
10er 165mm 18mm 47

Casa Culinaria Esteli


1er 174mm 19mm 47
10er 174mm 19mm 47