Centenario Anejo

Centenario Anejo

It takes time to create a masterpiece. The tobaccos for Centenario Anejo Premium Cigars from the Dominican Republic are carefully matured and warehoused to accomplish the very best results. They are grown on own tobacco fields and fermented with utmost care.

The producers come from Cuba originally and the perfect quality in the production stems from their know-how and love for tobacco. Unusual for a Dominican cigar is the big portion of Ligero tobaccos selected for the filler of the Centenario Anejo. Aromatic and strong – a tip for Aficionados who enjoy full-bodied cigars.

  • wrapper
  • DOM

  • binder
  • PER

  • filler
  • DOM

  • origin
  • DOM

  • strength
  • strong

  • aromas
  • coffee, spices

Centenario Anejo

Petit Corona

1er 127mm 16mm 40
20er 127mm 16mm 40

Centenario Anejo


1er 127mm 20mm 50
20er 127mm 20mm 50

Centenario Anejo


1er 184mm 24mm 56
10er 184mm 24mm 56