Leonel® White

Leonel White

The cigars are from Nicaragua and have a delightfully rich aroma. Leonel Cigars are very popular with Aficionados and well-known for the prime tobaccos used as well as the excellent craftmanship of the cigar rollers.

To intensify the cigars’ aroma the tobaccos used for the Leonel White Series undergo an extra fermentation process. Also, the ends of the wrapper are twisted into two “Pigtails” enclosing the cigar completely to prolong the maturing process.

Enjoy the aroma and the exceptional taste of this artfully rolled cigar.

  • Wrapper
  • USA

  • Binder
  • NIC

  • Filler
  • NIC

  • Origin
  • NIC

  • Strength
  • Mild

  • Aromas
  • Cream, Nut, Spices

Leonel® White


1er 102mm 17mm 42
20er 102mm 17mm 42

Leonel® White


1er 127mm 20mm 50
20er 127mm 20mm 50

Leonel® White


1er 152mm 23mm 56
20er 152mm 23mm 56