Leonel® Classic

Leonel Classic

Only premium tobaccos are used for the production of Leonel® Classic cigars. The Torcedores who handroll the cigars in the Dominican Republic have years of experience and know-how, which was passed on over many generations.

With Leonel® Classic a typically milder, classic blend was attained. Some Nicaraguan tobacco was added to the filler tobaccos to give the cigar a delicate spicy undertone that emerges in the course of the smoke.

Newcomers to the cigar scene as well as Aficionados will enjoy these premium cigars.

  • Wrapper
  • Conn. Shade

  • Binder
  • NIC

  • Filler
  • DOM, NIC

  • Origin
  • DOM

  • Strength
  • Mild

  • Aromas
  • cream, wood

Leonel® Classic

Short Robusto

1er 89mm 20mm 50
20er 89mm 20mm 50

Leonel® Classic

Petit Corona

1er 100mm 17mm 42
20er 100mm 17mm 42

Leonel® Classic


1er 127mm 20mm 50
20er 127mm 20mm 50

Leonel® Classic


1er 140mm 17mm 42
20er 140mm 17mm 42

Leonel® Classic


1er 178mm 20mm 50
20er 178mm 20mm 50