Dapper El Borracho

Dapper El Borracho

Dapper El Borracho is a full-bodied, complex smoke, rich in aroma.

The blend is a clever composition of delicious dark chocolate – combined with invigorating cedar wood notes. Smoke lingering on in nasal and palate areas unfolds hues of citrus and licorice linked with tropical floral components, elevating the smoke to new heights.

  • Wrapper
  • MEX

  • Binder
  • NIC

  • Filler
  • NIC

  • Origin
  • NIC

  • Strength
  • Medium

  • Aromas
  • Wood, Schoko

Dapper El Borracho


1er 127mm 20mm 50
20er 127mm 20mm 50

Dapper El Borracho


1er 152mm 24mm 54
20er 152mm 24mm 54