Leonel® P-Series

Leonel P-Series

The »P« stands for Panama. For the very first time Panama tobaccos were used in cigars created by Leonel. The filler comprises a combination of mild tobaccos from Panama and Nicaragua. To obtain an harmonious balance, not too strong, a large portion of Seco tobaccos were chosen. The binder comes from Nicaragua and so does the golden-brown Claro wrapper.

For this exclusive series Panama tobaccos matured for over 5 years could be obtained. They are part of the filler blend. Leonel P-Series cigars breathe the unmistakeable aromas of Panama tobacco.

  • Wrapper
  • NIC

  • Binder
  • NIC

  • Filler
  • PAN, NIC

  • Origin
  • NIC

  • Strength
  • Mild

  • Aromas
  • Cream, Nut

Leonel® P-Series

350 Half Corona

1er 89mm 18mm 46
20er 89mm 18mm 46

Leonel® P-Series

450 Magnum

1er 114mm 22mm 58
20er 114mm 22mm 58

Leonel® P-Series

550 Robusto

1er 140mm 20mm 52
20er 140mm 20mm 52

Leonel® P-Series

600 Toro Gordo

1er 152mm 22mm 58
20er 152mm 22mm 58