Casa de Alegria Rico

Casa de Alegria Rico

The family-owned company Casa de Alegria has secured much know-how in the production of high-quality Premium Cigars made in Esteli, the biggest tobacco region of Nicaragua. Qualified and experienced personnel attend to every step of the process, from the preparation of the uncured tobaccos up until the cigars are finished.

The tobaccos used by the factory come from three of the main Nicaraguan cultivation areas, Jalapa, Condega and Esteli, where the tobacco farmers work either for, or under the supervision of Casa de Alegria. Much of the uncured tobaccos are fermented in the factory for more than 12 months. To a great extent this process contributes to the continuous high quality in the production of Premium Cigars. Furthermore, cigars made by Casa de Alegria are incredibly good quality at a very reasonable price.

  • wrapper
  • NIC

  • binder
  • IND

  • filler
  • NIC

  • origin
  • NIC

  • strength
  • Mild

  • aromas
  • earth, spices

Casa de Alegria Rico


1er 102mm 24mm 60
16er 102mm 24mm 60

Casa de Alegria Rico


1er 127mm 15mm 38
24er 127mm 15mm 38

Casa de Alegria Rico


1er 127mm 20mm 50
24er 127mm 20mm 50

Casa de Alegria Rico


1er 152mm 20mm 50
24er 152mm 20mm 50