Placeres Reserva

Placeres Reserva

Cigars by Placeres are produced in a traditional factory in the heart of Danli, the tobacco centre of Honduras. With more than 200 rollers, this factory is one of the biggest cigar producers in the country and Honduran tobacco specialists.

The producer family can fall back on decades of know-how and involvement in the production of Premium Cigars. Aware of the strict quality requirements in this sector more than 6 mil. cigars are produced in this factory per year. Cigars made by hand from 100% natural tobacco. Placeres Reserva has a different wrapper than Placeres and is box pressed.

  • wrapper
  • NIC

  • binder
  • IND

  • filler
  • HON, NIC

  • origin
  • HON

  • strength
  • medium

  • aromas
  • pepper, spices

Placeres Reserva


1er 127mm 20mm 50
20er 127mm 20mm 50

Placeres Reserva

Toro Grande

1er 152mm 24mm 58
20er 152mm 24mm 58