Kaneda Classic

Kaneda Classic

Kaneda combines traditional craftmanship with the artful finish of Premium Cigars. The cigars are manufactured in small batches in Costa Rica. The tobaccos come from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Ecuador and Connecticut. To harmonise the blends for each format, the combination of tobaccos varies.

Golden and silver elements manually applied in laborious processes, turn the cigars into unique pieces of art, of which only a few exemplars are made per day. The beautiful boxes for Kaneda Cigars emphasise the Premium Cigars’ claim to exclusivity. A cigar for deluxe moments.

  • wrapper
  • Connecticut

  • binder

  • filler
  • ECU

  • origin
  • CRI

  • strength
  • Mild

  • aromas
  • creme, nut

Kaneda Classic

Robusto Rustico

1er 120mm 20mm 50
10er 120mm 20mm 50

Kaneda Classic

Bel Robusto

1er 130mm 24mm 60
20er 130mm 24mm 60

Kaneda Classic


1er 188mm 23mm 58
20er 188mm 23mm 58