Cavalier Geneve Black Series II

Cavalier Geneve Black Series II

A brand, which has its origin in friendship and passion! Even as a youth the founder, Sebastien Decoppet of Cavalier Geneve Premium Cigars, showed great interest in cigars. Soon his interest turned into a passion to create and launch his own Cigar brand on the cigar market.

He moved to Honduras to learn more and find out all there is to know about the making of cigars. This is when and where he met the Plasencia family.

Is there any better way to advance in this trade than to train on the job in one of the very best Tabacaleras? The family soon recognised the young man’s passion and over a short period, taught him the basics of creating premium cigars. Soon after Sebastien risked his first step in creating an own cigar brand. The Cavalier Geneve White Series was born, later followed by a second series, the Cavalier Geneve Black Series II.

  • wrapper
  • MEX

  • binder
  • NIC

  • filler
  • NIC

  • origin
  • HON

  • strength
  • medium

  • aromas
  • cream, schoko

Cavalier Geneve Black Series II


1er 127mm 20mm 50
20er 127mm 20mm 50

Cavalier Geneve Black Series II

Toro Gordo

1er 152mm 24mm 60
20er 152mm 24mm 60